Tips how to clean sex toys safely

Expert Tips for Cleaning Your Sex Toys Safely

Did you ever consider taking expert tips for cleaning sex toys safely? When you take a sex toy in hand, you know how deep it will go to the inner chambers. If not entirely, it would attempt at least to touch the erogenous zones. So, there where the toy steps in, it might confront bacteria and odour. Right after this, imagine what will happen if you leave the toys unclean and bring them for use for your next session. You might be at the losing end. Yes, cleaning a sex toy is this much serious.

Understand the Importance of Cleaning Sex Toys

Remember, it’s a sex toy and not a piece of cloth that you apply water and the dirt goes through. Unless you disinfect, sanitize, and eliminate bacteria from a sex toy, you are not safe. Health and hygiene are equally crucial for a good sex life. Hence, make it a habit to clean sex toys because you have no choice.

Smart Tips to Clean the Sex Toys for More Safety

Using a sex toy is not only about how you play with it. It has to do a lot with cleaning and maintenance. Every time you play with a toy, you need to clean it, and it’s a must, mind it. So, here are a few tips on how to keep your sex toys clean and free of bacteria.

Be sure of the toy material

Don’t be like those sex toy buyers who never care what toy material. Instead, one should always judge the toy material and know how to clean it. Products made of soft-skin vaginas are porous. For these materials, the best and safest way out is using a toy cleaner. In the case of glass, using soap and water would be wiser. For silicone bodies, some anti-bacterial soap and lukewarm water would be safer.

Avoid boiling water for motorized toys

Toys that run on motors must not come into contact with boiling water. As these come with batteries, it is advisable to immerse partly in normal water. The non-motorized products like realistic non-vibrators and other toys for vaginal penetration are safe to immerse in boiling water.

Know the right place to store a sex toy

Storing a sex toy in the right place is essential. It depends a lot on how you maintain a sex toy and use it in the long run. For this, you should know whether keeping your toy needs a cooler place or somewhere with normal temperature.

Talk to an expert or read more reviews

First-time sex toy users often stay carefree regarding the importance of cleaning sex toys regularly. Well, if you are a newbie and you are not sure how, what, and when to clean a sex toy, talk to a sex toy expert. Ask him questions because he will provide you with the best answers. There are blogs and chat forums where you can know the right sex toy cleaning methods for different materials. Hence, expert advice in this respect would be best.

Last Thoughts

Now you know what can be the risks of neglecting toy hygiene. It’s fine if you wish to play with multiple toys from time to time. But if you want to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience, you need to be diligent in keeping your toy squeaky clean.

For more information and to purchase toy cleaning products, please contact us. Our online sex toys store in Dubai is always ready to assist you.

Keep playing and keep cleaning sex toys to be a happy performer!

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